Most of the 2018 Pirates!
Most of the 2018 Pirates! photo - Sandi Poystila

The 2018 Gulf Islands Pirates' Regatta, is past and was our greatest ever. For next year, a process for introducing new trophies, and some hints about how to win the presentation!

The Gulf Islands Pirates' Regatta is the race for the rest of us. Equal parts race, water fight and good hearted trash talking at the post race BBQ, we take our fun (and your fun!) very seriously.

Boats gather from around the Salish Sea in the waters between Galiano Island and Saltspring Island. Our format has evolved over the years from when it was first run quite successfully by the sailors of Saturna Island. We have a start time where all the boats attempt to get across the start time at least close in time to each other, but then, unlike a traditional sailing race, we also have a finish time where everyone tries to cross the finish line at the same time too. No fair heaving-to at the finish line though. You get more karma points for having a long final tack to the line and getting the timing right.

The REAL point of the "race" though is the post "race" BBQ where we dispense with the usual handicapping rules. Each skipper gets to argue why their boat was the winner of the race.

All important karma points are gained by a various and evolving guidelines, including inviting new boats to the race, being from far away, introducing new sailors to our favorite sport and having kids and young adults involved.

Every year our set of stories continues to get crazier. And we hope you'll come and join in on the fun, and help create a few stories of your own.